"Sorry I needed to excuse my self I need some help im stuck between an open book and an empty shelf in other words im falling"


Thought via Path

Couldn’t find my home so I built me one couldn’t talk love so I wrote me one

a king starts here with a queen raising a prince who’ll soon be one

a dynasty we will become with a crown forged from the sea filled with blood

but it wasn’t just family who rode with us our friends and foes made we us

shakled thoughts chained and grudged

I found my way out of slavery and here I stand with a free mind which in there minds made me dangerous

this for those who wouldnt run with us walk these streets nor fight for us cause they couldnt get up in other words they couldnt fuck with us

all night by myself a notepad and number two like a crack pot and wooden spoon and if nose (knows) this you could smell the truth

and since then I made no sense to these fake niggas tryna make mills putting in they 2 cents tryna add it up lets be real

if I said it ive done it you hate that I got it these bitches they love it im in it to win it

try not to forget as I pour and spill it c murder no limit I was cursed to be gifted unwrapped and presented freshly poetic

as walk though these streets like i held 10 commandments

My God Hallelujah we made it word is bond aint nothing more sacred – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

Dont take it from me but dont trust anybody even on your family tree

cause even those leaves tend to change color hang for a bit and before you know it they dry out fall and leave

so I branched out like jada sheek n P living off experience trying to plant my seeds

fed underneath a soil a greif still looking for the sun like pac to find what he grew from the concrete

looking for the answers in my words with the questions on the paper yet everything is blank

as if my pen is out of ink I dont know want to think

its kind of hard dissolve like a ton a coke draining the sink

if you put your ear to it i’ll grow on you like keloid hip hops science I broke it down like a b boy

a cancer child im just going through chemo in a hard knock life where success looks through its peephole

-Dalie – Read on Path.

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Devils Pie

We got to eat my niggas got to Eat heaven never taste this sweet
with the devils pie in reach
grab you a slice and listen as I preach the doctrine PHMC I might lose one but never choose defeat

keep one eye open for these TLC niggas on the creep so when that waterfall they’ll be laying in the reefs
for sneaking in my kitchen for piece

in the booth we call it the stoves hot stir up the lyrics master the crack rock

then put it to the block watch the hip fiends hop sell it out trunk like ladies sell it out they crouch

cause i hold my word like my balls they hang no different since my grandmother died I gained sight and mischief

its a doggy dog world and life’s full of bad bitches the story of bitter sweetness I got to have it

I got to eat my family got to eat trying to cake my way to heaven but the devils pies in reach
so who am I to say no while we starving in these streets cuddling for heat

ain’t it ironic the City of God as I watched it was far from the pearl of gates
is this what Jesus planned all along as he laid on the cross rising days after his wake

blind from the struggle we sought  our religion surrounded by tough gongs and women who nuh cry they just pitch in

we do it for the kids believe me homes we ain’t tricking
when you got to foreclose for the blood to stay thickened

Like my uncle would of said my youth stay wicked become a provider and it stuck to me vivid
if I said it I meant  if I didn’t I probably done it and if couldn’t smell it then I never could of dealt it


never measured up so they couldnt rule me out
left the booth wet its been awhile since I dried it out

pass me the water they don’t know what I’m talking in the lab so long its hard to see when the sun Is out

as if I just left the club high on whatever  bitches tryna fuck but I’m tryna head home so heres my number you can try again later if my dreams reconsider (what nikka)

before her it was rapping shit no room for her just bars n clips
now here we are victorious without ignorance life’s a bliss

and if it don’t work you’ll be missed empty bottles and ciggerettes
with escorts I ain’t tryna to fuck just lay there and get yah fingers wet

that sweet taste of victory getting paid off my past regrets
and one day i’ll get over buts what’s pleasure when pain dont exsist

now if you.. get that.. and know that.. life’s a bitch
you’ll understand why im a dick when making a living off rap checks we made us

Thought via Path



Could it be it wasnt meant to be or is that I just couldn’t see
truth be told in all honesty if I ever could would I really be

I guess time will tell hublot (who’ll blow) as I approach the scene
im a Cartier to these G shocks were all fresh I’m just a better breed

I’ve been to war said my peace shared bread with my enemies
buried those who were close to me felt no tears and i felt no grief

call that being myself cause a warm heart awes your health
With demons on your shoulder and an angel on your crown shelfed

there was times I gave a fuck when I knew that I shouldn’t have
There was times saw the good  but for some reason still played it bad

love is just burden if the hate don’t add up with the math
and with that said I chose this path take when needed no question ask

Call me bill as I walk with death out the box im a Nike head popping pills like prescription meds with vodka like a Russian bred

I’m so chi with my homies hold ki like broly that’s light wieght to a dark siege as i get it cross in a 16