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Yeah mother may I excuse my french but this bitch must of lost her sense

thinking she can drop a dime on spekz one of the illest since 06

exchanging dead prez for the latest nike sets coogi down to sox but that just some big sense

casulties I be having them cause these lyrics I claim be damaging

ravishing emcees or whatevers left of em

son lets bring them back to life again

what you mean pops they aint never die they either busy with their mouths full or staying alive

cause this industry was built for us nor u and I

just the ones who survived and got they hands cuffed to the piece of pie

blinded by the shine calling it a grind but fuck it never mind if you feel me just rewind

cause I aint fin a repeat myself this time im too dam high

riding down the 9-5 on my q - tip busting a rhyme

looking left and right bumping side to side with kupo riding shotty with the henny and lime

watching my 12 6 3 9 and those parallel to 5 

Dont ask me why I got the ill vibe tip and thats no lie

I got the ill vibe rhyme ready for supply

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My City

5 yrs in the boogie covered by innocence
by age six the south side turned me into a degenerate

I thank my moms for caring cause it helped me dodge sentences
and forgave my pops for the results of my own ignorance

but I know now whose fault it truly is to busy sniffing hell couldnt catch heavens scent

till I got my first taste of pussy by the 2nd or 3rd gritty
with my babysitters daughter i guess that clit was thirsty

then my grandmother past that shit hurt me everything was fuck you since God took my heart and  fucked me

then met my cousin headache and the migrane took me
acting on instinct bars of a conscious zombie

this is what I made hip hop after it made me looking back on those people I use to call my homies
Who either ghost or bounced on me patrick swayze

so I only have family but you cant hear  me

My Words

I never thought to give a fuck I mean i never tought to care

didnt have a choice to fear ignorance was everywhere

ripened amongst rotten pears

empty bottles filled with stress  rolled up issues our solution

empty pills filled with tears

I thank my mother for im blessed and my pops his curse my gift

this isnt how I was suppose to grow but this the soil from which I lift

hate is just another form of love for my accomplishments

I aint go in for masters homes im tryna doctrine it

Call me professor oak choose your faith then walk with it

while you tryna catch em all im here just trying to study it

words written privately I had to voice the public

Cause they act hard but want nun in other words cant fuck with this

This meaning hip hop rapaholics bars of addict

dysfuntic rhytms make bitches wet niggas clap quick

or ladies pray and fellas start to find enlightenment

Depending on the sicience  ironically its mathematics

add it up to your advantage and watch you mutiply standards

dividing all your success while trust start subtracting  it

This my story on how it ends the question is how shall it all begin

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"Sorry I needed to excuse my self I need some help im stuck between an open book and an empty shelf in other words im falling"


Thought via Path

Couldn’t find my home so I built me one couldn’t talk love so I wrote me one

a king starts here with a queen raising a prince who’ll soon be one

a dynasty we will become with a crown forged from the sea filled with blood

but it wasn’t just family who rode with us our friends and foes made we us

shakled thoughts chained and grudged

I found my way out of slavery and here I stand with a free mind which in there minds made me dangerous

this for those who wouldnt run with us walk these streets nor fight for us cause they couldnt get up in other words they couldnt fuck with us

all night by myself a notepad and number two like a crack pot and wooden spoon and if nose (knows) this you could smell the truth

and since then I made no sense to these fake niggas tryna make mills putting in they 2 cents tryna add it up lets be real

if I said it ive done it you hate that I got it these bitches they love it im in it to win it

try not to forget as I pour and spill it c murder no limit I was cursed to be gifted unwrapped and presented freshly poetic

as walk though these streets like i held 10 commandments

My God Hallelujah we made it word is bond aint nothing more sacred – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

Dont take it from me but dont trust anybody even on your family tree

cause even those leaves tend to change color hang for a bit and before you know it they dry out fall and leave

so I branched out like jada sheek n P living off experience trying to plant my seeds

fed underneath a soil a greif still looking for the sun like pac to find what he grew from the concrete

looking for the answers in my words with the questions on the paper yet everything is blank

as if my pen is out of ink I dont know want to think

its kind of hard dissolve like a ton a coke draining the sink

if you put your ear to it i’ll grow on you like keloid hip hops science I broke it down like a b boy

a cancer child im just going through chemo in a hard knock life where success looks through its peephole

-Dalie – Read on Path.